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Transforming lives, transforming cars!

Transform Car Valeting ad - all info in text below

Transform Derby Car Valeting Academy is a social enterprise helping people coming out of homelessness or addiction, to get skills that will lead to a sense of achievement and potentially paid employment.

They are looking for people who would like a full valet on their car, to support the next cohort of trainees!

Two cars per day are needed, on either Weds or Thurs from 6 April - 12 May 2022. Cars will be valeted at Green Pastures hostel in Hartington St. They are asking for a donation of £40, if you are able to do so (a full valet is usually around £75!)

If you would like to support this fantastic social enterprise and take advantage of this offer, please call 07738523098.

For more info about Transform Derby Car Valeting Academy visit: