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Meet Our Volunteers


David is a Greeter & Admin volunteer and has been volunteering with us for donkey’s years. Ask him anything about the charity sector – he knows more than Google! He says his favourite thing about volunteering at Community Action is the variety it provides. You will usually find David here on Monday and Tuesday mornings.


Elaine is an adviser and has volunteered for us since 2018. She is great with people, having worked for the NHS for many years. And she knows how to banter, as another one of the advisers Grahame can testify to! Elaine volunteers on Wednesday afternoons.


Gary – always accompanied by his guide dog, Doug – is a Digital Champion and has been volunteering with us since 2018. His knowledge about IT is excellent. His favourite thing about volunteering with us? The coffee! You can find Gary and Doug here on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.


Georgia is on her second stint. She first volunteered for us in 2018 and re-joined us last year in 2020. She is one of our Greeter & Admin volunteers. Communication is what Georgia is all about – she answers the phones, responds to emails, and provides excellent face-to-face support.  She says, ‘Volunteering here is a great place to develop skills that can prepare you for the workplace.’ Georgia volunteers on Thursdays.


Grahame is an adviser and has been volunteering with us since 2018 – my, how time flies! He is very tenacious when it comes to helping people into volunteering. He loves the laughs we have here and, more importantly, the plenty of hot drinks he receives. Grahame volunteers on Wednesdays.


Hamid joined us on October 2020 and is one of our all-rounders. That means he is a Greeter & Admin Volunteer, an Adviser, and a Digital Champion. Hamid loves volunteering here because of the people and how well everyone gets on, and as he puts it, ‘It’s pretty chilled out.’ Hamid volunteers with us on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.


Jeanette is a Volunteer Adviser and Digital Champion (a bit of an all-rounder). She has been volunteering with us for nearly three years. Jeanette enjoys working with our Learn my Way learners and helping with literacy skills. You will usually find her here on Monday and Wednesday mornings.


Liz is another all-rounder, being able to do all of our roles. Liz joined us in January 2021 and has never looked back. She loves helping people, whether it’s finding roles for someone who is interested in volunteering or teaching someone how to use a computer. Liz says volunteering here is great because she meets new people, and it builds her confidence. ‘Learning new things is also great.’ Liz usually volunteers with us on Thursdays.


Margaret is one of our newer volunteers, having joined us July 2021, and will be an adviser. She will be volunteering on Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons.


Marsha is a Greeter & Admin volunteer and began her volunteer journey with us back in 2019. No one welcomes people into the Volunteer Centre quite like Marsha: she has a wonderful smile and always goes the extra mile to ensure visitors are comfortable. Her favourite thing about volunteering here is meeting new people. Marsha usually volunteers on Wednesday afternoons.


Paul began life at the Volunteer Centre as a Digital Champion but has also trained to be an Adviser. His speciality is IT, though, and can help you with things such as creating spreadsheets to building your confidence in using a computer. Paul volunteers on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.


Sinead is another new volunteer, and she joined us August 2021. She will be a Greeter & Admin volunteer.


Sue joined us in 2019. Yet another all-rounder, Sue loves volunteering in all the roles here. She is very caring, has excellent listening skills, and has a thirst for learning. Her favourite thing about volunteering with us? Getting to meet people and build relationships. Sue volunteers on Monday and Thursday afternoons.


Tom is new volunteer, joining us in August 2021. He will be a Greeter & Admin volunteer.


Trish is a Greeter & Admin volunteer and began here in 2019. She has an excellent telephone manner and is more than happy to help you as best she can. She’s also helped out with our social media as well.


Vic is our handyperson and has volunteered with us since 2018. From building protective screens to putting up shelves, she can do it all. Her favourite thing about volunteering with us is all the projects she gets to work on. You will usually find her at our Charnwood Street location, pottering about in the car park or doing a task or two for Chris, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.