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Derby Health Inequalities Partnership (DHIP)

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Following the Covid-19 pandemic, health inequalities in Derby came into focus and a gap was identified in health planning within our communities. As a result, Derby City Council has partnered with Community Action Derby to create the Derby Health Inequalities Partnership (DHIP).

DHIP was formed at the end of 2020 and its membership is made from community organisations across Derby who have an interest in improving the health and wellbeing of local people. DHIP community organisations include representatives from many local organisations including Disability Direct, Black Lives Matter, Pakistan Community Centre, West Indian Community Centre and Community One.

The aim of this partnership is to engage and consult local communities in Derby to help promote health and wellbeing effectively. This will help improve, influence, and shape the local health system. By working directly in partnership with community organisations, we can better understand people’s experiences of the health system and how it can be improved in the future.

An initial consultation to understand local people’s experience of health in Derby has already been completed. This piece of work provides some real insight into people’s lived experience and the challenges for the health system. On November 10, the Health and Wellbeing Board will meet and ratify the role and function of the DHIP in achieving health and wellbeing priorities for Derby City. This will ensure that DHIP has a strong voice and can ensure the health system delivery in Derby reaches all communities.

For more information please visit the DHIP website


Dr Robin Dewis, Director of Public Health for Derby City Council, said:

‘I fully support this Partnership and the impact that it will have in securing the voice of local communities. This Partnership has already had significant achievements in supporting our covid response. I am excited about it’s potential to improve joint working between the Council, NHS and local communities to improve health and reduce inequalities.’

Amjad Ashraf, one of the chairs of DHIP and a representative from Community Action Derby, said:

‘Health Inequalities have had a detrimental effect on our Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Communities for many years which has been further exacerbated by Covid-19. The DHIP is actively working to address health inequalities identified through our consultation with the view to improve health and wellbeing.

We recognise community buy-in is essential for DHIP to achieve its objectives through true co-design and co-production between statutory partners, services and the community at every key stage. A foundation for change has now been set at ALL levels, this must be built upon’

Dr Amo Raju, Chief Executive Officer of Disability Direct and member of DASP said:

‘The pandemic highlighted massive disparities in equal access to health for disabled people in Derby and the surrounding area. The DHIP partnership is a real opportunity to not only address such gaps but to co-produce future plans.

The Derby Asian Strategic Partnership welcomes the efforts made by DHIP to ensure settled and emerging communities of south Asian heritage have a place around the table in levelling-up access to health and community-based services.’