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New Arrivals Alliance (NAA)

Photo of children at a HAF session

The New Arrivals Alliance will support all stakeholders in Derby to work together to provide early access to support for asylum seekers and resettled refugees to assist their orientation and integration.

To achieve this the New Arrivals Alliance aims to provide a focus and steering group for the multi-agency, multi-disciplinary body that draws together a wide range of statutory and non-statutory organisations and stakeholders. It will develop the asylum and refugee integration work programme in the City of Derby and facilitate a partnership approach to meeting the diverse needs of asylum seekers and refugees and capitalising on the fantastic existing work being carried out within our communities.

The Alliance will work to ensure equality and best practice, as it relates to new arrivals, is implemented and followed. It will seek to agree and progress priorities for sustaining refugee integration and support as well as meeting key milestones of community cohesion.

It aims to adopt a multi-agency long-term problem-solving approach based on the public health model to deliver optimum outcomes to new arrivals in the city and support and direct relevant services working in the field.

We aim to make Derby an increasingly welcoming and supportive place for migrants, bringing together individuals, groups, and organisations to meet, think and share information, ensuring that the voices of migrants are heard and influence those in charge to positively evolve policy and practice.

The New Arrivals Alliance is a mechanism for developing and influencing policy, and promoting good practice in areas which might affect migrant communities in Derby. We aim to strengthen the voice and influence of migrants, enable other groups to better understand their concerns and priorities, as well as integrating new arrivals into the city and addressing the inequality of access to services.

We aim to be constructive, open, and honest whilst respecting sensitive matters and appropriate confidentiality. The project will engage representatives from a diversity of appropriate interest groups.

  • New Arrivals Alliance (NAA)