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Having a Ball! Success for our DE23 Active Programme

Photo of Shiraza taking part in a DE23 Active activity

From participant to paid coach - Shiraza's DE23 Active journey

From the beginning of the DE23 Active programme, Shiraza was a regular attendee at the sessions. She then started to help out as a volunteer at the first Community Hub (now called Active Women). Shiraza took a real interest in the project, as she is passionate about improving and empowering women in her own community.

Shiraza then attended both the 'Stepping Over the Sideline' and 'Stepping Over the Grass' training. This resulted in her running our Walking Football (Football Fit) sessions at the Active Women sessions.

Shiraza's role has evolved from starting out as a participant, to becoming a volunteer, to now being a paid coach!

Shiraza runs our Active Women’s high-intensity workout sessions and has played a key role in introducing football to our women’s group, first through Football Fit, to now leading in our first Soccercise sessions to a group of women that previously had not shown any interest in football.

Shiraza runs such fun and engaging sessions, that participants such as Nosheen A, who was reluctant to participate in physical activity, now joins in with the Football Fit sessions. This is a testament of how great Shiraza’s sessions are, as she gets women who were originally reluctant and hesitant to participate in any form of physical activity to join in and have fun.

Another fantastic achievement for the DE23 Active team, as well as for Shiraza!

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