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The way you vote in Derby is changing

Voter ID Derby

This year, Derby is taking part in a Voter ID pilot. This means that when you go to vote at a polling station on 2 May 2019, you will be asked to show some form of identification (ID) before you are given your ballot paper.

Derby is one of nine cities taking part in the pilots this year. The pilots focus specifically on voter fraud at polling stations, where an individual pretends to be someone else (known as 'personation'). Last year, five cities took part – you can read about their experience of the pilot online.

These pilots are spearheaded by the Cabinet Office, and aim to provide insight into how best to reduce the risk of voter fraud at polling stations.

Derby residents will receive letters confirming who is registered to vote at that address, together with a leaflet explaining Voter ID requirements for voting at a polling station.

For more information visit the Derby City Council website.