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Talking Therapies

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Insight Healthcare is free and confidential service commissioned by the NHS to provide talking therapies to those who are struggling with mild to moderate mental health issues.  This includes common issues such as low mood, anxiety, depression, stress, anger, trauma and or bereavement.  We offer a range of therapies, advice and support to help people understand, work through their feelings and develop strategies for coping better. We are available to anyone over the age of 18 years (16 years in Derbyshire).

Following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, It is crucial that during this time of uncertainty, people are still able to access talking therapies to support them with any issues they are experiencing around their mental health, especially those who are key workers and being impacted by COVID-19 on a daily basis. 

Currently we are unable to offer any face-to-face support, however we are able to provide therapy via telephone, skype and online to you, your families, friends, colleagues and clients/patients. 

To self-refer to Insight Healthcare: 

1.    Call 0300 555 5582 and leave a message stating they wish to make a referral – someone will call back to book an assessment.  If risk is disclosed, we can have a practitioner call back the same day to assess.
2.    Complete an online referral at 
3.    Send an email with your name and contact details to: 

Current estimated waits for therapy are as follows:

CBT -  4 weeks
Counselling - 4 weeks

Mid Notts: 
CBT  - 3 Weeks
Counselling - 5 Weeks

Greater Notts 
CBT – 2 Weeks
Counselling  -  7 Weeks