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Stop Loan Sharks - Community Funding

Pot of money

The England Illegal Money Lending Team has funding available for groups that want to raise awareness of the issues of illegal money lending. The money available has come from the proceeds of crime taken from convicted illegal money lenders. Illegal Money Lenders, more commonly known as Loan Sharks, lend money without having the correct permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority. They often give cash loans out without any paper work and want double the amount back or charge extortionate interest rates. When you struggle to make repayments they may use violence, threats and intimidation, to ensure you keep paying them. The aim of this funding is to give groups the opportunity to raise awareness of the issue, in their community in a different way.

If your project meets the following aims email David Benbow for more information or visit the website below. 



  • Has this been done before?
  • What makes this project different?

Community Engagement

  • Who will this project reach?
  • How many people will be involved?


  • How will it effect and influence people reached?
  • How will it change their actions and understanding?


  • What will it leave behind?
  • How is it sustainable?

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