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Drug and alcohol services during Covid 19 crisis

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During the Covid 19 crisis people affected by drug and/or alcohol issues, including friends and family,  may find it harder to get the information they need so we have put together a list of organisations offering support both online and on the telephone.  

If you are concerned about someone you know or need to access drug and alcohol services yourself we hope this information will be of help to you.  
For information about Drug and Alcohol services in Derby call 0300 790 0265.

Several organisations are providing online support to fit the current restrictions on movement:  

Smart Recovery UK 

Talk to Frank 

Derby Recovery Network also offers support and the Kikit Project specialises in recovery for the BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) community.  
Alcoholics Anonymous  - 0800 917 7650 email:  and 
Narcotics Anonymous - 0300 999 1212  are both running online meetings   
Support is also available for family members and for people worried about the drug and/or alcohol habits of someone they know:    
Aquarius Affected Families team on 0300 790 0265 
Al-Anon Family Groups 0800 0086 811 
Breakout offers telephone support for people under 18 years of age - contact them on 01332 641661 
If you would like to volunteer or you are in need of support during the current crisis please contact us on the number or email address below.  

Derby Covid Community Response Hub 
Derby Direct: 01332 6400000