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Discretionary Grant Fund - Derby City Council

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The Discretionary fund is for those small businesses, Charities and Social Enterprise who rent space such as an office in a business centre or shared space in buildings, but are NOT registered as the business rate payer. 

The scheme will be open between 29 May and 19 June and businesses will have 21 days to apply.

The grant is aimed at those who have not been eligible for any other Derby City Council COVID-19 grant related schemes, examples of which may include small businesses operating in a shared workspace, bed and breakfast businesses that pay Council Tax and local charities that have their offices within the city.

The Council has received an additional £2.2million in funding from Government to support the scheme and expects the grants to reflect the level of support needed. For eligible businesses, an award of up to 3 months pro-rata fixed property costs will be available, up to a maximum of £10,000 total grant. Businesses will be required to upload evidence of their fixed property costs for the months of February, March and April 2020, to support their claim.

All businesses applying for the grant will need to meet the following criteria set out by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy:

•    Businesses that have a business property which has fixed ongoing costs (primarily rent/mortgage, service charge, business rates, property insurance and utilities).
•    Businesses can show that COVID-19 has had a significant negative effect on their income
•    Must be a micro/small business as defined by the Company Act 2006
•    Businesses that were trading on 11 March 2020

For more information and to apply before the deadline of 19 June visit the Derby City Council website.