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Covid-19 and volunteering

COVID 19 written in white tablets

We have had a fantastic response from people wanting to volunteer in their local community in Derby to help others affected by Covid-19. There are many ways that people can be affected, from not being able to get shopping or collect prescriptions to feeling lonely due to self-isolation. We encourage potential volunteers to informally volunteer in their immediate neighbourhood to avoid having to travel to other areas. This could mean asking a neighbour if they need shopping or calling them for a telephone chat each day. This is also a way of making an impact quickly with little or no involvement from other agencies. If this isn’t possible in your area then please get in touch - we are compiling a database of potential volunteers and will be matching them up with people who need support. 

While we encourage people to volunteer to help others we also want to ensure that you don’t put yourself or others at risk of infection by doing so. With that in mind if it is safe for you to volunteer please email Covid Support

Thank you
Derby Covid Community Support