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Congratulations to Amo Raju of Disability Direct - CEO of the year!

CEO Awards 2018 Winner

Congratulations to Amo Raju, CEO of Disability Direct - Derby’s support service for disabled people and carers - on being awarded CEO of the Year by Finance Monthly magazine for his ‘Outstanding Contribution To Disability Direct’.   

Finance Monthly invites nominations for the award each year which are shortlisted and then put to a vote by readers of the magazine.

Katina Hristova – Head Editor at Finance Monthly says – ‘After months of careful research, Finance Monthly is excited to provide recognition to the most exceptional leaders of our time, identifying ambitious and forward-thinking CEOs who have demonstrated strong integrity and contributed to both their industry and wider society. Amo Raju has addressed the charity’s financial challenges through introduction of chargeable services with customers up and down the country. Our judges were impressed with this entrepreneurial approach.’

Amo Raju, CEO of Disability Direct says – ‘Wow! What an honour! I didn’t even know I was nominated and only found out about the award a week ago. Slightly weird feeling that I was being watched anonymously by a judging panel but hey, I feel really happy for not just myself but DD as a whole. Yes I’ve worked hard to get the organisation to where it is today and have some interesting plans for the future but the truth is that the staff, every single one of them, who share my vision, should be the true recipients of this award. I think I owe them a drink or two!’

Mick Watts, Trustee of Disability Direct says - ‘We are so pleased for Amo who has been with us from day one and worked his way up to the most senior position. Disabled people in such positions can help society change for the better by being role models for future generations. Well done Amo!’