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Celebrating Social Prescribing Day

Text: Social Prescribing Day with plants and people

Social Prescribing Day - 18 of March 2021 - is an event that aims to change attitudes and shift power to people and local communities, to forge cross-sectoral collaboration, to promote co-design and co-creation, and to ensure social prescribing continues to grow as a grassroots movement.

This year’s International Social Prescribing Day will celebrate the thousands of projects set up to maintain the health of local communities during the pandemic. Whether you’ve set up a project or whether you know someone who’s been benefitting greatly from an online social prescribing initiative during the pandemic, you can join in and share stories on social media to let the world know how social prescribing has kept people and communities connected, healthy, and engaged during a global crisis.

Rosa's Story

Communtiy Action Derby has three social prescribers who help and support people in Derby city. Rosa is the newest memeber of the team and here she shares her thoughts on social prescribing:

"My background is one of lived experience in mental health and addiction issues.

It is through my own recovery journey that I discovered a passion for helping others on theirs so getting a job as a social prescriber was a wonderful opportunity!

When I tell people my job title I usually get one of two reactions. Either, ‘what’s that?’ or ‘can you sort out my medication?’  The term social prescriber can be a bit misleading, people focus on the ‘prescribe’ rather than the ‘social’.

I see the role as being someone there to give a helping hand, to guide someone to where they want to be by first working out what is important to them and then working on a roadmap with them to help get them there.

This may entail referring to other organisations, doing a bit of research on someone's behalf or meeting up for a coffee and a chat. The role is varied and flexible and designed to meet the individual person's needs whether this is practical or emotional help and support.

I hope to empower rather than enable. To give people the power and the tools, (or powertools!) to help themselves in the long term."

If you would like to find out more about Social Prescribing visit the Social Prescribing Network website.