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Beware of scams

computer keyboard with 'caution' cone on top

People who volunteer do so for many reasons - to learn a new skill, meet people, or as a way back in to work - but the main reason is usually a desire to help others. Unfortunately there are people (though thankfully very few people) who look for opportunities to take advantage of the kindness shown by volunteers. 

There are a few examples of volunteers being taken advantage of during the current crisis and we would like to help you avoid finding yourself in such a situation. 

Be wary of scams - you may see a post on social media from someone unknown to you asking for money due to unexpected unemployment because of the pandemic. Being a caring person you may be tempted to contact them to offer money. Don’t. This type of scam is increasingly common. It starts with someone asking for small amounts to help them out with food and bills and then escalates to large amounts for what seem like reasonable needs such as bills etc. 

If you see a social media post like this, ignore it. If you are asked directly for money for food etc. then please ask that person to contact the Derby Covid Community Response Hub on 01332 640000 or email The hub can help people with food and other types of support and has no shortage of volunteers waiting to help people. 

If you are a volunteer with the Hub and come across someone asking for money then please contact your local ward co-ordinator who will be able to deal with the situation with the right resources. 

While it can be hard to say ‘no’ to people who are seemingly in need co-ordinated support is available. 

Don’t become a victim to a scammer.