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Advice for 'clinically extremely vulnerable' people & Good Neighbour call-out

'Let's do the right thing for Derby' slogan with picture of face mask

Derby City Council, Derby Homes, Community Action Derby and partners are writing today to provide local guidance for those people who are determined as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and to ask all citizens for their support in looking out for each other and being Good Neighbours.

If you are ‘Clinically Extremely Vulnerable’
The new Government guidance is for people who are extremely vulnerable to stay at home at all times with exceptions of exercise and attending scheduled health appointments. This includes avoiding food shopping and visiting pharmacies. We understand this will be very difficult for many so the following support those who will need help:

  • Firstly, you should make sure that you’re registered on the national system: For those who were previously Shielding, you will likely already be on the list but it’s always worth checking. Being on this list ensures that you can get priority booking for food deliveries from the many supermarkets that now offer this service and we recommend this as a first option.
  • If you have family, friends or neighbours who can support you, then you should ask them to help you with shopping or to arrange to collect your food through a Click and Collect service. If you’re unable to use a delivery service or have no family, friends or neighbours to help you then you can call the Derby Community Hub on 01332 640000 or email who will be there to support you to find a suitable arrangement. If you have concerns about affording food, then you can also call the Hub. Text service for the deaf community: 0777 4333412.
  • If you need medication, please contact your local Pharmacy for advice on deliveries. There are many online services and pharmacies can help get you set up. Again, if you are struggling and have no other method of receiving your prescriptions then contact the Community Hub.

To all citizens:

Throughout the first lockdown we were overwhelmed with the level of support offered by people just wanting to do their part and now the new national restrictions have come into force and with the winter ahead we’re asking you to step up again. We’re asking everyone to be Good Neighbours, to look out for each other and help those who might need some extra help at the moment.

If you can help out in your own neighbourhood, please do. You may have a neighbour who is Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, so perhaps you can make contact and see if they need any help with shopping or medicine? You may have neighbours who maybe lonely or struggling with their mental health, so perhaps you could just offer a friendly ear on the phone or over the garden fence?

You could use this as an opportunity to get to know that person you only wave at occasionally and if there is a silver lining to the current situation then perhaps it can be the strengthening of tighter-knit, friendly communities that look out for each other.

If you don't know anyone directly but can offer support to someone in need in the city then contact the Community Hub on 01332 640000 or register your interest here and we'll do our best to match you up with someone close by.

For the most recent advice and guidance on coronavirus visit the Derby City Council website.