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Community Classifieds is the place to offer and request support and services, resources and equipment.

Do you have any services or resources that you would like to share with other voluntary and community groups? Spare furniture or equipment? Training or advice? Or is there something you need? Or would like to swap?

If you have anything you would like to share, swap or give away email Jayne Williams on or call 01332 227749. We look forward to matching up people and services!

ProHelp: FREE professional help

ProHelp can help

Could your voluntary or community group use some FREE professional help? ProHelp offer FREE support from accountants; solicitors; marketers; architects and IT professionals.

For more information email Lezli Hall or call 0115 924 7404. Or visit the ProHelp website.

Dog Walking Scheme: Help or advice

Jenny from Normanton Neighbourhood Forum would like to set up a dog-walking scheme to help resolve local dog issues ie. dogs being left on their own each day without exercise causing them to bark and become a nuisance. If you are interested in helping Jenny set up a pilot scheme or could give advice on setting one up email Jenny.