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Community Classifieds

Community Classifieds is the place to offer and request support and services, resources and equipment.

Do you have any services or resources that you would like to share with other voluntary and community groups? Spare furniture or equipment? Training or advice? Or is there something you need? Or would like to swap?

If you have anything you would like to share, swap or give away, please email us. We look forward to matching up people and services!

Low-Cost and Free Paint for Families, Schools and Community Groups

The Derby Community RePaint scheme, which is managed by the Play and Recycling Centre (PARC), was created to help community groups and people who are on low incomes, or in receipt of benefits, by providing affordable and usable leftover paint from commercial and trade sources.

It’s just £3 to register with the scheme and gain access to free and low-cost paint to decorate your home or premises.

Every litre of paint you obtain from this scheme would otherwise go to landfill, so whatever colour you choose it's green!

For more information about the scheme and to register, visit the PARC website