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Paid election roles available in May

The local elections are fast approaching, and Derby City Council are looking for people to staff polling stations and help count the votes on Thursday 6 May.

We’ve been working hard to ensure all polling stations and the count will be COVID safe. If you, family members or friends are interested in applying please go to  the DCC Recruitment Pages or if you’d like to know more email the
The roles available are:

  • Presiding Officers - 6am to circa 10.30pm with attendance at compulsory training event (in advance of the day - or 15 or 26  April). Salary - £301 before tax.
  • Poll Clerks - 6.15am to circa 10.15pm with attendance at compulsory training event in advance of the day. Salary - £188 before tax
  • Counters - 9pm to circa 3am. Salary £90 before tax plus Friday 7 May 3pm to 11pm with a training event on a day prior to the session. Salary £120.