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Staywell Derby

Staywell Derby

Staywell Derby is part of the Derby Covid Community Response Hub and aims to build on the community support that has naturally evolved during the Covid-19 crisis. Over the last few months many communities and organisations have developed ways to support each other, especially the most vulnerable people in society.

The Government's Loneliness Report  shows that between 6% and 18% of the UK population often feel lonely, and loneliness increases the risk of low wellbeing. With physical distancing, being on lockdown, and relying increasingly on technology to connect, there is a risk that loneliness will increase along with social isolation and poor mental and emotional wellbeing.

Poor or low emotional and mental wellbeing can lead to negative coping mechanisms, such as alcohol and/or drug use. In turn these negative coping mechanisms can increase the risk of anger issues, anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse.

Staywell Derby offers mental and emotional wellbeing not only to the most vulnerable within our society but also for the volunteers and keyworkers supporting the Covid-19 response. 

We want to:

  • Make sure that those volunteers, keyworkers and others responding to the Covid 19 have support around their own mental and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Offer a proactive approach to wellbeing to help individuals with the aim of taking the strain away from already over-stretched mental health and wellbeing services in the city. 
  • Look at long term community recovery to avoid an increase to services after the crisis.
  • Promote the importance of wellbeing and positive coping mechanisms as a long-term way to improve health. 


For more information or to access support email Staywell Derby.

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