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Step 3: Form Your Committee

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Form Your Committee

Your first committee will probably evolve out of your steering group.  You will need at least three people to form the committee (chair, treasurer and secretary) with another two to three people supporting the named roles.  As time goes on, there will be a need to get more people onto the committee and some of the original members may drop away, perhaps through lack of time or loss of interest.  This is quite normal with any new organisation.  The aim should be to continually strengthen the committee by persuading people with particular skills or talents to come on board.

Someone with managerial experience is an asset to any committee, perhaps as Chair.  You will need someone with some basic book-keeping experience to be Treasurer.  Somebody who is organised and meticulous is needed for the Secretary’s post. These three posts are the minimum that any committee needs to operate.  You may decide to have other posts as necessary, depending on the exact nature of your group, such as vice-chair, fundraising or social secretary, and so on.  Decide how often your committee will meet and make sure there is an agenda for each meeting, to prevent discussions going round in circles without anything being decided.