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Youth Alliance / CYPN

Youth Alliance Network and Children and Young People’s Network (CYPN) 2022

Towards the end of 2021 the Youth Alliance Network and the Children and Young People’s Network came together to connect, share updates and learn about new funding opportunities. It feels appropriate to continue to bring these two networks together in 2022 as one to a) reduce potential duplication b) streamline the number of meetings take place relating to our young people c) connect a greater number of individuals and organisations who are working with our young people.

The Youth Alliance Network and CYPN 2022 will focus on sharing information and networking. It will also explore potential training and upskilling opportunities that its attendees would like to take part in, building on our individual and collective strengths. The network space will help us in identifying potential gaps and/or duplication in our services and consider how we can best collaborate and co-ordinate ourselves to respond to the needs of our young people, particularly around effective and appropriate initiatives and interventions to tackle a broad range of issues (e.g. ASB, violence, mental health and exploitation).

The Youth Alliance Network and CYPN will take place during the following months in 2022:

Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec

For specific dates, please check out our Events page.

If you would like to join this network space and don’t currently receive any correspondence relating to it, please contact Helen Britten at

For more information on the Youth Alliance and how it works, please click here.