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Xpress U Meets #Reimagine Festival

Reimagine Workshops Flyer - all info in text below

Date and Time: Mon 23 May 2022, 17:00 – 20:15

Location: Churchside Walk Community Room, Parliament Street off Stockbrook Street, Derby DE22 3WL or online

A Youth Radio/ Podcast Activity for young people 8-18 years. Be part of the Reimagine Festival and let your voice be heard!

Reimagine is a youth lead festival (taking place 23/24 July 2022) where young people are taking the stage, showcasing their rap, singing, poetry, visual arts and other creative talents and also working behind the scenes.

The themes for the Festival are:

  • The Environment/ Climate Change
  • Wellbeing/ Mental Health
  • Colour the City.

At this Xpress U Session a podcast will be created for the festival, exploring and recording what these themes mean to young people and their hopes and wishes for the future.

There is also the opportunity to train to to be a youth reporter, to report from the festival and interview artists and guests.

For more information / to book your place visit: