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Ragdoll Foundation

The Ragdoll Foundation’s Open Grants Scheme supports support high quality, innovative arts engagement projects where the concerns of childhood can be heard. All applications are expected to contribute to the Ragdoll Foundation’s primary purpose.  There are two strands: Small Grants and Main Grants.

Open Grants – Small Grants Programme: Innovative, arts-based small projects, pilots, or research & development to inform a new project or programme of work. Applications for up to £1,500 are accepted.

Open Grants – Main Grants Programme: Larger or longer-term new projects, or proposals that significantly develop the scope or scale of an existing programme, project or pilot. The majority of Main Grants awarded are in the region of £5k - £20k, however they accept applications of up to £50k for multi-year projects from organisations with appropriate experience.

For more information about how to apply visit the Ragdoll Foundation’s website.