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Empowering Women Fund

Grants are available for small women's groups and organisations to support the development of innovative ways of empowering women in their local area, and to build organisations' capacity.

Maximum value:  £ 25,000

The following levels of funding are available:

Seed Funding grants
Grants of £500 - £1,000 are available to small women's groups to establish and run micro women's empowerment projects in their local area that support women to build skills and confidence, and decrease social isolation.

Women's Sector grants
Small grants from £1,000 - £5,000 and large grants from £5,000 - £25,000 are available for women's groups and organisations to develop capacity to respond to changing needs in their communities and run projects over a fixed duration of at least six months.

For more information visit the Empowering Women Fund website.

The deadline for applications is 28 May 2021 (5pm).