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Children affected by domestic abuse fund - Home Office

Home Office – Children Affected by Domestic Abuse Fund

As part of the Government’s commitment to tackling domestic abuse, we have committed to allocate £8 million of funding (from April 2018 - March 2020) to interventions designed to support children who are exposed to domestic abuse.

Around 20% of young people in the UK have been exposed to domestic abuse and domestic abuse is a factor in 50% of social worker assessments of children in need, over half of serious case reviews and two-thirds of child contact applications.

Studies indicate that one in five children live with domestic abuse and that children exposed to parental violence are almost three times more likely to experience violence in their own adult relationships. They are at greater risk of substance abuse, juvenile pregnancy and criminal behaviour than those raised in homes without violence. 52% of children who witnessed domestic abuse experienced behavioural problems and issues with social development and relationships (Safelives).

We are looking to award a total of £8 million over the next two financial years (2018 – 2020) to organisations in England and Wales delivering interventions designed to support children who are exposed to domestic abuse.

We welcome bids from local commissioners, be they PCCs, local authorities or health commissioners, or from any other suitable organisations across England and Wales. Consortium bids incorporating larger and smaller organisations are particularly encouraged but must have a Legal lead, to enter into the Grant Agreement.

Organisations must bid for a minimum amount of £500,000. While there will not be a formal cap placed on the amount an organisation can bid for, we expect all bids to be scalable. To ensure diversity of funding, please be aware that we may scale back top scoring bids in line with the scalability details provided. All submissions will be evaluated using the criteria made available in the published documents.

To find out more about the programme, and to see the prospectus head to the Government website