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BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme

The BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme provides grants for items that meet the most basic needs and/or those that are critical to the wellbeing of children and young people facing exceptionally difficult circumstances.

We can deliver or fund critical items such as:

  • ·         Gas or electric cookers
  • ·         Essential household items
  • ·         Furniture and kitchen equipment
  • ·         Children’s beds and bedding
  • ·         Washing machines
  • ·         Fridges and freezers
  • ·         Baby equipment
  • ·         Clothing in exceptional or emergency situations

Becoming a referrer and supporting the families you work with

The grant is a referrer only programme and we want to work with as many organisations as possible in order to reach the families who are eligible for the grant. 

You can find more information & register as a referrer on our website:  

All applications are made through the referrer’s online portal which you can access at:


You can find out more information about our eligibility criteria and what being a referrer for the grant means in these guidelines:


If you would like any advice on how to apply or if you would like to check whether a child is eligible please call our team on 01904 55 00 11 or email: