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Derby’s Impaired Visual Society (DIVS)

Derby’s Impaired Visual Society & Tech Hub poster - click image for PDF version

Date and Time: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month

Location: Around Derby, with occasional trips further afield

Derby’s Impaired Visual Society (DIVS) aims to bring together Derby’s visually impaired residents who are looking for like minded people to regain a slice of life back again!

They understand the challenges VIP’s have to endure on a day to day basis and by coming together they hope to share life hacks and experiences.

They work closely with RNIB and the local council to offer advice and support to those in need.

They look forward to welcoming you! Call Dannie or Julian on 01923 953175 or email

RNIB Tech Hub
DIVS also supports the RNIB Tech Hub, which is based in the Derby City Council House and offers a free service to help improve your independence and knowledge of using your devices. For more information about the Tech Hub contact Dannie or Julian on 01923 953175 / email or contact RNIB on 0303 123 9999.

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