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DF4TA - latest briefing July 2021

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The Derby Food 4 Thought (DF4T) Alliance was initially established to coordinate the distribution of food in Derby during the covid pandemic. It has now progressed to being a longer-term solution supporting the root causes of deprivation and poverty. This document summarises the current processes and future. The main contacts for the Alliance is Paul Brookhouse and his new deputy, Debbie Jones, who can both be contacted via the enquiries email address

The process for requesting and distributing food

The current process to request and distribute food is:
• Recipients make their request for support to the Community Response Hub via 01332 640000 (option 5) or
• If the need is short-term then a referral will be made direct to a Local Food Distribution Hub (LFDH) or via the DF4T Alliance project administrator
• If the need is longer-term or more complex, then a referral will then be passed to a Local Area Coordinator (LAC), who will aim to call the recipient that day to discuss needs and logistics. The LAC may also email the most convenient LFDH with details of the people in need
• The food is then distributed by one of the LFDHs (where possible there is an expectation for the recipient to collect)

The following is a summary of the agreed criteria that is used when considering a request for food:
• Individuals who are still affected by Covid financially or health-wise
• Individuals who have applied for universal credit and have not yet received a payment
• Individuals who have had a significant change in their benefits and are needing support
• Individuals who are in financial hardship and are accepting support in addressing the root causes
• Individuals who have had a situation that has led to them being short-term homeless or recently rehoused
• Individuals who are a victim of a crime which has left them in a difficult situation short-term
• Individuals who have no recourse to public funds who are requesting support in addressing the root causes
• Individuals who are facing a significant life issue, which is affecting their financial situation
This is only a brief summary of the criteria, and detailed explanations are available from Paul Brookhouse
Please note that we offer Halal food and also, where possible, solutions to cater for dietary and cultural related needs and also where limited cooking facilities are not available

Volunteers and donations

Volunteers are co-ordinated through Community Action Derby (CAD) via Those who wish to donate food are advised to either deliver to a Local Food Distribution Hub or call CAD on 01332 227718 and speak with Debbie Jones. Any individual who would like to make a financial donation to help purchase food can call Irina Shaw on 01332 22227709 or email

Looking to the future

We will be opening three Community Shops over the next two months at Aspire, Pakistan Community Centre and Derby City Mission, replacing the traditional food bank with an opportunity for individuals to access more choice in dignity and in a more shopping-style experience. If you require more information please contact Paul who will be happy to discuss this with you. We will also be opening two eco-shops in partnerships with schools in the autumn term

Flyers in four languages are now available - click here for details.  

Social media pages have been set up to illustrate the fantastic work that is underway at Facebook and Twitter

Polite reminders

As we look to work together to tackle poverty and deprivation in our city, please contact the Hub for support at the earliest opportunity so we can plan ahead the support. If you decide to leave it to the last minute, rather than forward-plan and late-in-the-day, we can’t guarantee we can respond as in emergency situations, meaning someone may go hungry through no fault of their own.

Please remember that the main contacts for the DF4TA are Paul and Debbie. Please always contact one of them with regards to food distribution queries or if you want any information on the above to ensure you get the correct information.