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The Derby Food 4 Thought (DF4T) Alliance was initially created to respond to the immediate needs of people in Derby at the start of the Covid pandemic in March 2020. It has now progressed to being a longer-term solution supporting the root causes of deprivation and poverty.

DF4TA leaflet - English

Click here for a PDF version of the Derby Food 4 Thought Alliance flyer in English (927.34 KB)

The flyer is also available in Urdu, Arabic & Punjabi here

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Future plans

The universal approach of the Alliance has been in operation since March 2020 and the roll-out of support for those most in need is growing fast. This provides scope for exciting projects that have never been delivered before in Derby. Lockdown 3 and the addition of support via the Christmas scheme, increased demand over this period leading to over 2000 food parcels being handed out each month. Currently 241,868 items have been distributed via our Central Storage Unit.

Numerous new partners who also distribute food across the city have aligned themselves to support individuals and families in a coordinated way and local businesses are joining force to ensure their food is not wasted. The focus remains on helping people address the root causes of their difficulties. 

The process of establishing our first Community Shops within the city, which are crucial to the development of our work, has started and will help to support people most in need.

The official launch of the DF4T Alliance on 25 March, introduced a city-wide food charter, and information on how organisations and businesses can officially become members of DF4TA.

Our social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - illustrate the fantastic work that is underway. Social media links at the bottom of the page or alternatively:

Twitter: @DerbyFood4TA

Facebook: @DF4TA

Instagram: @DF4TA

As we move forward with new projects to tackle poverty and deprivation within our city we would like to thank you for your support. 

If you would like any more information please email Paul Brookhouse: