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TV Licencing - Simple Payment Plan

Screenshot of Simple Payment Plan information on the TV Licensing website - see text below for full information

The Simple Payment Plan is TV Licensing's most affordable plan, offering more flexible payment options for people struggling to pay their TV Licence.

How to join the Simple Payment Plan?

You must be invited to join the Simple Payment Plan. You can apply online now if you've:

If you haven't been invited, you aren't able to apply for the Simple Payment Plan. For information on how you can pay for your licence another way, visit the main TV Licensing website.

What payment options does the Simple Payment Plan offer?

  • Direct Debit (monthly)
  • Simple Payment Plan payment card (monthly or fortnightly) - pay by cash or debit card at any PayPoint terminal.
  • Continuous Payment Authority (monthly or fortnightly) - get payments taken automatically from your debit or credit card.

Once you are set up on the Simple Payment Plan you can also make ad-hoc payments using a debit or credit card via the website, over the phone, or via a Paythru link issued via SMS.

Blind (severely sight impaired)?

You may be entitled to a 50% concession on the Simple Payment Plan.

Aged 75 or over, and receiving Pension Credit?

You can apply for a free TV Licence. You need to be receiving Pension Credit in your name, or this can be in your partner’s name if you are a couple and living at the same address. To apply for a concession, go to

For more information about the Simple Payment Plan visit: