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Team and Board



Senior Management

Chief Executive Officer

Kim Harper


Deputy CEO

Ejaz Sarwar


Strategy & Partnerships Manager

Jonathan Dwerryhouse 227702


Resource Manager

Chris Nicholas


Finance Manager

Kathryn Gould


Resource Officer Stef Cockerham 346266
Finance Admin Officer Irina Shaw 227709
Programme Coordinator Nicola Ashfield 227738

Communications & Marketing

Marketing and Communications Manager

Helen Frudd


General & Marketing Administrator Katya Lomas 227707

Community Services

Community Services Manager

Claire Thornber 227732

Group Support Specialist Coordinator

Nick Pritchard 227716
Group Support and Health Coordinator Natasha Cover 227704
Community Services Programme Coordinator Joy Varley  

Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Centre Organiser Kesha Chawda 227721
Programme Coordinator Ailya Habib 227722
Programme Coordinator (HD) Lynne Wright 227711
General & Marketing Administrator Katya Lomas 227707

Youth Alliance / Active Through Football

Youth Alliance Manager Helen Britten 227719
Youth Alliance Coordinator Michelle Butler 227729
Active Communities Coordinator Nosheen Ali  
Active Through Football Community Development Officer Aliyah Khan 227727


Specialist Projects Manager - Tackling Inequalities Amjad Ashraf 227731

Social Prescribers

Community Link Worker Manager Sammi Cornwell


Community Link Worker (Derby North) Rosa Parry 227713
Community Link Worker (Derby North) Tim Joyce  
Community Link Worker (Derby North) Sidra Batool  
Community Link Worker (Derby North) Kate Watson  
Community Link Worker (Derby North) Rachel Connolly  
Community Link Worker (Derby South) Lydia Alty 227733
Community Link Worker (Derby South) Gary Stoppard


Community Link Worker (Derby South) Nitanshi Yadav  
Complex Needs Community
Link Worker
Joanne Denton  

Derby Wellbeing Team

VCSE Workforce Lead Becky Edwards 227740
VCSE Workforce Lead Brett Sentance  
VCSE Workforce Lead Leigh Timmis




Ray Khumalo (Chair) Derby African Association, Black Lives Matter, Footprints

Roger Dale (Vice Chair)

Unite the Union, Rolls Royce, Derby Staff Union
Mark Newey (Interim Treasurer) Derby Community Accounting Services

Sophie Sheilds (Incoming Treasurer)

Derby Community Accounting Services
Asaf Afzal Pakistan Community Centre Derby
Irshad Baqui Children First Derby
Sarah Martin Read Easy
Brenda Rhule NHS Trust
Cllr. Jonathon Smale Disability Direct

Beverly Stuart

Open Doors Forum / Black Communities Matter
Geoff Sweeney Multi Faith Centre
Mick Vernon Sinfin Community Centre
Cecile Wright Black Lives Matter

Brenda Rhule

NHS Adviser

Sarita Walia

Shanti Ladies Group
Cllr. Nadine Peatfield MB Observer Derby City Council
Cllr. Danielle Lind MB Observer Derby City Council