What is Employer Supported Volunteering?

Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) includes all types of volunteering carried out by employees which is encouraged and supported by their employer.

This can be through employers freeing up time for employees to do their own volunteering, as well as formal ESV programmes.

ESV makes a big difference, both to the organisations that employees volunteer in and to the organisations that employ them.  That's why ESV is a great initiative to get involved in!

Benefits of Employer Supported Volunteering.

Supporting employee volunteering can provide a wide range of benefits to an employer and employees:

• Promotes brand

• Enhances reputation

• Improved perception of the business

• Enhances the businesses CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

• Builds community relations

• Different and exciting training opportunities

• Develops employee skills

• Generate pride in the workplace

• Develops team building

• Uses and develops transferable skills

• Improves employee morale and motivation

• Increases employee happiness and well-being

• Improves employee retention

• Less sick days

• Improves work performance

• Supports employee career development and progression

• Healthy work / life balance for staff

• Working with a flexible project that is tailored to meet business requirements.

• A clear message that staff development is high on your organisations agenda.

• Enhanced existing training programmes with 'hands-on' projects.

• A sense of pride in achievement; projects end with tangible, dramatic results.

• A fun, memorable experience of making a positive difference.

• Development of problem solving and decision making skills.


Getting involved with Employer Supported Volunteering can benefit voluntary organisations by:

• Access to high quality volunteers

• Access to volunteers with varied skills

• Access to volunteers with specialist skills and knowledge

• Joint solutions to problem solving

• Helps deliver an improved and effective service

• Widen supporter bases

• Can lead to long term partnerships and stronger relationships

• Essential tasks completed

• Provides a fresh and new perspective

• Increase understanding of people from different backgrounds and sectors

• Raised awareness and publicity for the voluntary organisation.