Youth Volunteering in Derby Film

vinvolved yat film case

The Youth Volunteering in Derby film resource is an idea that we came up with some time ago. Basically, we wanted to create a film to showcase some of the great volunteering opportunities taking place in the city, along with real examples of why and how people volunteer.  We wanted to create an easy to use visual tool to promote volunteering to groups of young people in the Derby area.  The reason behind this was simple; that young people would respond well to a visual message, particularly one which has local meaning. We ended up making the film with award winning film-maker Owen Tooth and we topped it off by creating a user guide including links to the National Curriculum.  This resource also includes a lesson plan enabling tutors, youth workers and facilitators to deliver a 45 minute youth volunteering workshop to groups of young people. You can view the film below and you can download the user guide here (in MS Word so you can increase the text size)

Vinvolved Youth Volunteering in Derby from Toothpix on Vimeo.