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Ollie v50

The vinspired Awards have been introduced so that young people who volunteer can receive recognition for their contributions, no matter how big or small. It is important for young people to be able to reflect on their learning and to identify skills they have gained through their volunteering experiences. The vinspired Awards do not replace accreditation and recognition schemes, but they are designed to be complementary and can be completed as either a stand alone award or alongside other types of accreditation.

You can choose to register for the vinspired awards online via the website or speak to Thom or Simon for more info. They can help you with one to one support if you need it.

vinspired awards fact sheet


Thank-You Certificate.

This certificate is for any young person who spends time volunteering. It can be given for one-off and taster sessions, but can also be used for anyone involved in regular volunteering. As well as having your name and where you volunteered on the front,
you also fill in your experiences and benefits to the community on the back with support and feedback from the project co-ordinator.


The vfifty Award

The vfifty Award is available to volunteers aged 16 to 25 who complete 50 hours of volunteering in any twelve-month period (or less). It's designed to recognise and celebrate the time and effort you have invested, and to show colleges, universities and potential employers the positive impact you've had on your community.

vfifty Award information V recognition logbook


Applying for your vfifty Award

When you have completed 50 hours of volunteering, you should submit your evidence to a v funded project or a vinvolved team. The project worker will review your hours and look at the evidence you have collected (e.g. certificates, photos, posters, letters, newspaper coverage etc). They will also be keen to find out more about your volunteering experiences, including the skills you have gained and the impact you have had on your local community. To get things moving you can talk to Simon or Thom.


The vImpact Award

The vImpact Award is designed to be a progression route from the vfifty Award. The Award aims to encourage young volunteers to take their volunteering to the next level, by thinking about the changes they would like to make in their community, and demonstrating how they have taken action to address them. The Award also reflects our commitment to support young people in developing skills and improving their employability through volunteering.

All young volunteers who sign up for the vImpact Award will be expected to demonstrate sustained commitment to volunteering, undertaking a minimum of 100 hours activity in any 12 month period. We also hope that the vImpact Award will enable young volunteers to reflect on their activities and speak confidently about the impact of their volunteering, and the skills they have developed as a result of this experience.



Emilie volunteers with the Derby vinvolved team. She helps with administration and promotional support. Emilie spoke about her success in achieving the vfifty award:

"Completing 50 hours wasn't a big problem for me as I volunteer with the team on a regular basis. My role involves a lot of follow up work with young volunteers aged 16-25 who have come through our service. I make contact with them to see if they've started volunteering, how things are going and to see if they'd like to go for the vawards! My vfifty award has given me the chance to reflect on the volunteering I've done and the skills I've developed along the way. Volunteering has rewarded me with loads of new skills, has increased my confidence, and has given me the opportunity to try new things and meet new people"