YAT Newsletter March 2010

Fancy finding out a little bit more about the YAT and the team? Take a look at the March 10 edition of our Youth Volunteering in Derby newsletter 'the yat' by clicking here. The next edition will be out in June 2010.

YAT newsletter December 2009

Fancy finding out a little bit more about the YAT and the team?  Take a look at the December 09 edition of our Youth Volunteering in Derby newsletter 'the yat' by clicking here. The next edition will be out in March 2010.


Oliver Dreuitt - 20 - YAT Member.

Hi, my name is Oliver and I am 20. I joined the Youth Action Team in March 2008, as I wanted to meet new people and promote volunteering far and wide. When I attended the very 1st YAT meeting I was very nervous and shy, but after a couple of meetings I got on with the team really well. We went out as a team and did some activities together such as bowling and pizza - this helped us get to know each other and communicate better as a team. 

When I first started volunteering I was a very shy person who wouldn't really speak to anyone and found it hard to make friends. Now I am able to communicate with anybody and making friends has become a lot easier.


Being involved with the YAT -  I have organized a lot of events like the celebration event, the launch event of YAT and speed volunteering.  I have travelled round school and colleges round Derby with the YAT team promoting volunteering and trying to get people more involved in volunteering and registered with the volunteering centre.


I have also managed to complete my vfifty Award, which is great for taking to interviews to show my volunteering experiences, commitment and time management skills.




Daniel Scott - 22 - YAT Member.


Hi, my name is Dan and I'm 22. I have been involved with the YAT since July 2008. I would never have thought that whilst working full time I would find the time to volunteer as well and the flexibility that the YAT provides me is ideal.


Volunteering has provided me with some useful contacts, has given me extra training opportunities and has generally boosted my CV. I always enjoy attending the YAT events as they are always fun and they give me an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. The benefits to volunteering are endless, and the only thing it costs you is time. The rewards are far greater than the time you put into doing it though.


Young Britons face financial fears at Christmas

With youth unemployment at an all time high and the economy still uncertain, research released in November 2009 highlighted the growing financial concerns of young people in the lead up to Christmas.

The Dubit research, conducted by v, showed that young people had had enough of spend, spend, spend. Responding to this new wave of opinion v and the Derby City vinvolved team encouraged young people to give the gift of time at Christmas as part of its nationwide campaign.

So, instead of young people dipping into their pockets and spending cash on friends and family at Christmas, the campaign helped them to choose to do loved ones a favour and give their time instead.

Some of the volunteering activities included:

  • walking a neighbour's dog
  • babysitting for a family member one evening
  • weeding the garden
  • setting up a social networking site for a relative
  • cleaning the car
  • compiling a cd for your mates

Young people visited the virtual gift of time store and downloaded their personalised gift of time to wrap up and present to their loved ones on Christmas day.

Derby City Partnership 2012 pledge

vinvolved Derby, the youth volunteering specialists in the city working with 16-25 year olds, are thrilled to have met their Derby City Partnership Be Inspiring 2012 pledge in July 2009. The team set a target to collect 2012 youth volunteering hours running from October 2008 - October 2009. The team also offered national recognition through the vinspired awards for young volunteers taking part in this pledge.

What is your 2012 challenge?

Derby City Partnership is challenging individuals, communities and organisations to inspire themselves and in doing so make Derby a better place to live. To do this they are asking people to make a pledge linked to the theme of 2012. They want people to step up make a pledge and make a difference in Derby.

Speed Volunteering Event 2009

The "Speed Volunteering" event in Spondon Village Hall, on Wednesday 8th April, was a fun and innovative way for organisations to recruit volunteers. The event itself is an informal way for members of the public to see what volunteering can offer them, how they can get involved and to highlight the range of volunteering opportunities in the area. To see a report about this event click here