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Find out why the Prime Minister and Mayor of London support NCS Summer of a Lifetime:

David Cameron, Prime Minister:

"Why am I so passionate about this? Well, to begin with, because it's going to make a massive difference to so many lives. There is in our country the most tragic waste of potential. Today's teenagers are as passionate and idealistic as generations before, but they don't always get the opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm and commitment. NCS will give them something to aspire to, some more responsibility, more pride in themselves and what they can do.' Identifying the current generation of 16 year olds as the 'adults of tomorrow', he asserted 'it's right we give them more responsibility today".


Boris Johnson, Mayor of London:

"I am tremendously excited that National Citizen Service is coming to London in a big way from summer 2011. Two thousand 16 year olds across much of London now have the chance to take part in this fantastic initiative that brings together young Londoners from all walks of life. I've seen first hand, in the early testing out of the scheme in London, the fun had, the individual and team challenges faced, and the real benefits gained!

In particular, it enables young people to connect with others from different schools, colleges and backgrounds, as well as undoubtedly help make them more 'job-ready' in the future.

Crucially, too, National Citizen Service is about "making your mark" in your community, which I am passionate about. I hope, ultimately, that graduates of this scheme will be inspired to be volunteers themselves in the future in their communities"