Creative Carers

Are you a carer? Would you like to learn how to make money out of the skills you have - be they practical or creative? 

Creative Carers

Creative Carers, a local social enterprise started by carers in Derby, is running a course called Blending Skills designed to help people who care for others to identify their skills and show them how to market themselves to generate income. Why not come along and see how your talents could create an income? For more information or to book a place email Creative Carers or call 01332 227711. 

The course is FREE and open to all carers.

If you are a carer you have lots of skills: patience, the ability to listen, plan, organise, prioritise - the list is endless. You may also have a hobby or a passion that you could use to earn some extra money.

Over six weeks the Blending Skills course will show you how to identify your skills and give you the confidence and practical ways to turn them into cash. Each session will focus on a specific topic and you will meet people who have been through this process and successfully started a small business from home. Who knows where it might lead you?

Creative Carers are carers themselves who understand that caring can often mean that people struggle to manage on a daily basis. This FREE course has been made possible with funding from the Big Lottery.

"Starting my own business will turn my life around"

"Bills have gone up but I have to keep my mum warm - I need extra cash"

"I don't think I have any skills - I've been at home for years caring for my daughter but I'm interested in finding out more"

"I've got ideas about how to sell what I make but I don't know where to start"

"I've stopped using my brain - I need some outside interests again"

Sound familiar? Why not come along and find out more?


Tel: 01332 227711

Click for more information or to download a flyer.  

To register for any of the FREE Creative Carers courses fill in the registration form and email to Creative Carers.

Creative Carers is a Community Interest Company (CIC) No 8482778.