Joined Up Care Derbyshire

29 November 2016


Health and social care organisations in Derbyshire have been working closely together for some time to improve care and services for people and make them as efficient and effective as possible. Work already being done has fed into the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), which NHS England asked all health and care organisations across the country to produce, covering the next five years to 2021.

Derbyshire's STP, 'Joined Up Care Derbyshire', was submitted to NHS England on 21 October 2016, to outline priorities. Joined Up Care Derbyshire was published on Friday 18 November and can be accessed at

All health and social care organisations and professionals want to work better together to give people high quality, safe services, wherever they may live, whatever their needs might be.

Priorities in Joined Up Care Derbyshire include:

• preventing physical and mental ill health wherever possible and helping people to take good care of themselves

• making more services available in communities, so people get better, more targeted care and support

• helping people use emergency care more effectively, making care - of the right type - available when it is needed. This keeps hospitals, urgent care centres, and minor injury units free for patients that really need them

• getting health and social care professionals working smoothly together so people only have to give their details and information once, and best use is made of opportunities and available budgets

• making organisations efficient so money is pumped into services and care and running costs of providing these are kept as low as possible.

Derbyshire STP want to hear your thoughts in the coming months and will keep you updated and give you chances to get involved in shaping services. These will be available at