Chellaston Neighbourhood Plan - update

03 July 2017


Derby City Council has received two applications from the Chellaston Neighbourhood Planning Forum to firstly, amend the existing Chellaston Neighbourhood Area designation to encompass the whole of Chellaston and secondly, to establish the Chellaston Neighbourhood Forum as the only group who can undertake neighbourhood planning in that area.

As a result DCC is seeking your views on the amended area before making a formal decision to either accept or reject the application. If the application is successful, the original designation area will be superseded.

As a result the Council are now required to undertake a further public consultation on both the amended boundary and the suitability of the group to undertake neighbourhood planning in the enlarged area. This time, rather than undertaking two separate consultations we are combining the area and group application into one consultation. This will save time and resources and ensure that the impetus of the Chellaston Neighbourhood Planning Forum is not unduly affected.

The consultation will last for six weeks; beginning on Monday 3 July 2017 and ending on Monday 21 August 2017.

For more information visit the DCC website.