Building a Stronger Britain Together Programme - deadline 16 February

18 January 2018


This programme supports civil society and community organisations who work to create more resilient communities, stand up to extremism in all its forms and offer vulnerable individuals a positive alternative, regardless of race, faith, sexuality, age and gender. This includes Community Cohesion, tackling Hate Crime or Harmful Illegal Cultural Practices such as Forced Marriage, Honour Based Violence and FGM. The programme allows organisations that share these aims to bid for in-kind support and grant funding for specific programmes that deliver goals set out in the Counter Extremism Strategy.

Bids must be aligned with one of the following BSBT outcomes:

• Fewer people holding attitudes, beliefs and feelings that oppose shared values e.g. tackling prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes, improving community cohesion, reducing segregation and isolation

• An increased sense of belonging and civic participation at the local level e.g. building a common vision and sense of belonging within the community, broadening the social networks of vulnerable and isolated communities

• More resilient communities e.g. building the ability to respond to arguments that promote hate and extremist ideas, working with those who stand up for sharedvalues in the community and challenge bigotry and intolerance

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