Scoring Criteria


The Derby LINk Action Committee (2008/2009) decided that they would employ a scoring system to prioritise the issues to be considered by the LINk.  This is intended to ensure all members of the group have an equal say and there is a recorded process that can evidence this.

The scoring system that has been suggested is only designed to give a framework through which the issues can be considered.  The process will be for the Action Committee to discuss and if the Action Committee wishes to, then it can decide, by a unanimous decision, to undertake a piece of work which doesn't meet these criteria.  This would have to be with good cause, such as feeding in to the work of the Health Care Commission and Commission for Social Care Inspections who will regularly undertake work in the area and may require input.  This would not necessarily score highly within the framework, but because of the influential nature of this work it would be seen as a priority.  The categories are:

  • number of individuals affected
  • quality
  • diversity
  • mortality
  • quality of life
  • impact on a wider community
  • cost effectiveness
  • national agenda
  • whether we can make a difference
  • whether the issue has been progressed
  • whether the issue has been dealt with.

If you would like anymore information on the scoring criteria, please contact the LINk Coordinator, James Moore, on 01332 227724, or e-mail James.