Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Statement

Derby LINk is committed to improving the welfare of all people irrespective of age or any other factor.  Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection is recognised as a particularly important area to ensure that activities and processes are undertaken to ensure their physical and emotional well-being while involved with activities which have been arranged by the LINk or organisations with which it works. 

Derby LINk does not have any activities that involve the direct care of young people or vulnerable adults.  However some activities relate to or run along side the programmes of other organisations.  Disclosure will be requested, in compliance with CRB guidance, when staff are in direct unsupervised contact with vulnerable groups or individuals.  Adherence with the visited organisations' policy and practice will be maintained.

Policy training

All members and staff will be made aware of the policy statement during induction training or review training. 

Any activity in which contact will be made with children or vulnerable adults will have a best practice process created for it; training of all members or staff involved will be undertaken. 


Derby LINk will review any activities that relate to vulnerable people and will formally consider how best practice and policy can be demonstrated to be implemented.

Should Derby LINk start to undertake work directly with vulnerable people which involves unsupervised contact then appropriate policy and practices will be devised as part of the development of the project.

Community Group Support

In its work to support other organisations, Derby LINk will provide information on Protection that is reviewed frequently and contains the latest thinking in good practice.

Positive action will be taken when it comes to light that any organisation with which the LINk is involved is operating in a way that is not consistent with best practice.  Any practice that is considered harmful or potentially harmful will be reported appropriately.

Review of policy

The policy will be reviewed as necessary, but at least once per year.