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New LINk Coordinator

We are pleased to welcome James Moore as the new LINk Coordinator. You can call James on 01332 227724 or e-mail him.

Equalities Impact Assessment / Older People's Mental Health

LINk members have been invited to review an assessment document on Older Adult Community Mental Health to ensure that the services provided are fair and do not create any barriers for specific groups.

Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust are holding events at The Education Centre, Kingsway Hospital from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon on 18, 19 and 20 April. For more information please contact Mark on: 01332 227724 or e-mail Mark.

To read the Equalities Impact Assessment please see the document in Activity Reports.

HealthWatch Consultation Event

The HealthWatch Consultation Event took place on 27 January. A report on the event and a report on the progess in January is now available in Activity Reports.  The Consultation is making excellent progress and we will keep members regularly updated.  For more details please contact Mark on: 01332 227724.

Care Homes Visits - We have now completed 41 care home visits and they will be continuing in 2011.  We are very keen to involve as many members as possible in these visits, so if you have completed the Enter and View training and would like to take part please contact us with your availability for the coming months and we will contact you.  Visits tend to take place in the afternoon and last around 2 hours.

Click here to view our reports on completed visits. 

If you wish to make any comments or for more information on any consultations, please contact James on: 01332 227724 or email James