Decision Making

Decision Making Process

This offers a suggested model for the scrutiny of issues raised by the Derby Local Involvement Network (LINk).  A diagram is available upon request.

  1. Initially issues will be brought to the LINk by any group or individual with a concern regarding health or social care services or a need to consult with the wider Derby community.
  2. These issues will initially be assessed by the LINk staff team.  The issue will be scored against the agreed scoring criteria to ascertain its relevance and impact on service users.
  3. The scoring will be presented to the Action Committee.  From this a set of desired outcomes and work requirements will be agreed.
  4. LINk Members will be requested to take part in any work required to action the issues with the support of the Host.
  5. The issue can then be investigated by whatever means necessary after which a draft report will be produced and circulated to relevant partners and interested parties for consideration.
  6. A final report will then be produced and presented to the relevant service provider, the originator of the issue, and any other relevant organisation.